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Every mom knows how expensive maternity and nursing clothes are, so why pay so much for clothes that aren’t worn more than a couple months? What do you do with your clothes afterwards? Why not trade them in for cash or more clothes? We want you to enjoy your pregnancy as much as possible and look cute doing it. Come over and join in the fun of recycling clothes. We also sell cloth diapers, accessories, organic body products and gifts!

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About the Honey Bump

Hafa Adai, my name is Nicole and I am the owner of Honey Bump Maternity. I come from the beautiful island of GUAM and I am a proud wife, mommy,poop cleaner, tear wiper, owie kisser MOMMY. And now I am a business owner (as if child rearing wasn’t enough work). I love my job and love to meet moms from all walks of life.

During my last pregnancy it became a real struggle to find fashionable maternity clothing at fit my budget. Out of these frustrations, Honey Bump was born. My goal was to create a place where mothers could come not only find great items and awesome deals, but to make friends and find resources to help make the adventure of motherhood even more enjoyable.

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